Why purchase a 2C motorised roller screen?

Roller Screens are the most popular style of screen available because they allow flexibility when they are installed. When required, they can be lowered into position. Then when the presentation or movie is finished they can be retracted out of the way, but always at the ready.

Roller Screens are available in either pull down or motorised versions. Often people buy pull down screens because they aren't aware of the value of installing a motorised screen.

Motorised Screens have many unique features and benefits, please read the table below to understand why a motorised roller screen is a wise choice.

Features Benefits
Motorised screens have inbuilt limit switches so that the every time the screen is lowered it returns to exactly the same position No chance of misalignment with the projector.
Presentation looks more professional.
Motorised Screens retract steadily No chance of the screen retracting too quickly
and 'jumping off' the brackets, added OH & S
safety feature.
Motorised Screens are factory set to stop
just before the casing
This makes for a much longer life cycle
than a pull down screen with less wear and
tear on the screen surface.
Motorised Screens are operated
via a remote control.
Ease of operation for everyone regardless of height and positioning of the screen.
Work using an IR remote You can control use of the screen by managing
access to the remote control.
Motorised Screens can be operated
via a low volt trigger
If you prefer an integrated solution the
screen can be triggered by a projector with
a 12V out at no extra cost.

The features and benefits described here apply to 2C models – 2C504, 2C505, 2C506, 2C520, 2C525 and 2C521.