On the Road

Projection is an ideal way to share your ideas and images no matter where you are or the size of the group that you are presenting to.

How many people will you be presenting to?

It may sound obvious, but the bigger the audience, the larger the screen required. While a 32” Work IT is ideal for a group of 4 or 5, a group of 20 to 30 people will definitely require one of the larger Show IT screens or Present IT screens.

Don’t forget that your projector will also need to match the screen – so the bigger the screen required, the brighter the projector you will need.

What are you presenting?

If you will be showing a lot of text and spreadsheets then it is really important that you are able to control the light in the room (can you make it dark?) and have a bright projector. Otherwise it will be very difficult for your audience to read what you are presenting.

Choose your screen

  • Work IT for very small groups (4-5) around a table
  • Show IT for small groups (up to 20) can be positioned on floor or table
  • Present IT for mid sized to large groups (up to 50) is best positioned on the floor.
Model Product Code
Work IT 2C481 - 32" 4:3
Show IT 2C406 - 60" 4:3 / 2C407 - 80' 4:3 / 2C408 - 60" 16:9 / 2C409 - 80" 16:9
Present IT 2C401 - 1520 x 1520 / 2C402 - 1720 x 1720 / 2C403 - 2030 x 2030