In School

Audio visual plays an important role in today’s classroom and is a key part of the teaching experience. 2C products play an integral part.

2C can help you with your screen and projector mounting options. Read on for advice on which products suit your application best.

If you have an interactive white board (IWB) in your classroom, you can use either a short throw or standard throw projector. Each of these needs a different projector mounting product. The table below shows the best choices:

What kind of
Projector Mount
Product Name Colour Mounting
Short Throw 2C141 Teach IT Wall White Wall above IWB
Standard Throw 2C101 | 2C110 Hang IT | Extend IT Black Higher ceilings
Standard Throw 2C102 | 2C111 Hang IT | Extend IT White Higher ceilings
Standard Throw 2C101 Hang IT Black Lower ceilings
Standard Throw 2C101 Hang IT White Lower ceilings

Some projectors have the interactivity built into them directly, so you won’t require an IWB but you do need a specially formulated whiteboard. The 2C Write IT is perfect as it is a low glare, easy write surface.

Your classroom may be better suited to a roller screen which allows you to store it out of sight when it’s not in use.

We recommend our great value See IT and Watch IT screens. Two things to work out:

  • What size screen is required?
  • Which format?

The SEE IT Multiformat Screens are perfect for when you are showing a variety of media, in different sizes and different formats. The WATCH IT 4:3 VF format screens match perfectly to a 4:3 projector.

Product Name Product Code Size Format
Watch IT 2C732 84" 4:3
Watch IT 2C733 100" 4:3
See IT 2C701 1800 x 1500mm Multiformat
See IT 2C702 1800 x 1800mm Multiformat
See IT 2C703 2100 x 2100mm Multiformat

For projector mounts, the key question is where will you mount the projector, and this will be determined by your projector's throw distance. See table above for help in choosing.